Dr.Sreekanth P S
MBBS, MD(Pulmonary Medicine)

ALLERGY , ASTHMA CLINIC AND ALLERGY TESTING CENTRE ALONG WITH THE SUPERSPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC is first of its kind in kollam started by Dr Sreekanth P S , M B B S, MD(pulmonary medicine), consultant interventional pulmonologist, sleep, allergy and immunotherapy specialist in may 24 th, 2015.the website is created only because of the repeated request from the side of our patients, especially NRI patients . The prime aim of this site is to provide correct and genuine information based on existing world class guidelines. In our clinic we are practising a holistic approach to allergic disease rather than a purely drug based approach.

DR Sreekanth completed his MBBS from Prestigious Govt Medical College Trivandrum and his Master Degree from R.N.T Medical College , Udaipur(both MBBS and Master Degree from Govt Medical Colleges in merit seats), got special training in interventional pulmonology from many centres in India including “centre for minimal assess surgery and training centre” , Mumbai. Now working as consultant interventional pulmonologist , allergy , asthma,immunotherapy and sleep specialist at kollam.

He is routinely performing speciality work including interventional bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy . The rest of his time is totally dedicated to his clinical work in allergic diseases, allergy testing and immunology for which he got special training form many centres including “VALLABHAI PATEL CHEST INSTITUTE” , Delhi

DR Sreekanth is the first and only one pulmonologist in kollam who is equally handling interventional pulmonology , allergy and immunology at the same time meritoriously

The dream project, “Dr Sreekanth’s allergy asthma clinic, allergy testing and immunotherapy centre is first of its kind solely dedicated to asthma and allergic diseases where common man can get world class treatment at affordable and reasonable cost".

The clinic is catering the needs to a population of almost 6 districts including kollam.We are really proud to announce that right now the clinic is receiving patients from almost all districts in kerala and even from outside state also ,only because of the genuinity, credibility and excellent results in treatment.

The centre of attraction of our clinic is its world class high standard allergy testing and sublingual immunotherapy for allergic diseases

Our facilities include:
  1. Lung function testing (Spirometry)- done by expert PFT technician.
  2. Sleep clinic and sleep study (Polysomnography) for sleep disorders.
  3. Drug allergy testing.
  4. Food allergy testing.
  5. Aeroallergy testing.
  6. Smoking cessation clinic.
  7. Copd rehabilitation programme.
  8. Special councelling sessions for asthma patients.
  9. Environmental and life style modificaton of allergy patients.
  10. Sublingual immunotherapy( S L I T).
  11. Paediatric allergy and asthma clinic.
  12. Urticaria clinic.