Dr Sreekanth


Cleart aliners are a series of custom made plastic aligners created based on the digital models made from the impression or a scan from the teeth.
• The name of aligners like invisialign, Eon aligner, Ecligner etc are just brand names. These aligners are all based on the simulated tooth movements and providing a gradual series of correction in order to achieve the full alighment.
• These aligners are removable on the other hand the tooth movement will be achieved by full time use of the aligner
• As per the researches done on these kind of aligners there are circumstances in which 60-70% of the correction shown in the stimulation wioll be achieved so patient needs to go through another series of refienement to get closer to the goal of the treatment.
• At the start of the treatment since the models will be sent to the concerned lab there is around4-6 weeks waiting period until you receive your aligner
• There are certain movements that cannot be achieved by the clear aligners however they are the best options for some other circumstances..Why do you have to go through metals , wires and become conscious of your Smile?