Dr Sreekanth

Why should we consider allergies seriously and start treatment at the earliest?

  • Allergic diseases if not treated properly by a trained allergy specialist can progress e.g; if allergic rhinitis is not controlled, asthma can develop later.
  • Repeated cough,repeated sinus, ear and chest infections.patient will be forced to take antibiotics almost once in every 2 wks.
  • Night cough interfering with sleep and thereby causing day time fatigue, sleepiness, poor concentration, road traffic accidents, absent from school and work etc…
  • Exercise induced asthma can develop there by resulting in inability to take part in sports which may inturn induce depression , especially in children
  • Poor weight gain due to recurrent infections in paediatric age group
  • Growth retardation -final height of the child is affected.
  • Psychological problem may occur especially due to itching of skin in public in children with skin allergies
  • Recurrent hospitalizations causing a huge economic burden in the family
  • Causes poor quality of life